SAT online tutor

SAT which stands for “Scholastic Aptitude Test” is taken by American school leavers who apply to colleges. However, a lot of colleges worldwide including the US require SAT from international applicants.

A remarkable feature of SAT for you to remember is that this test is not actually an assessment of your English (though English mastery is crucial to passing the test) but an exam which measures your abilities to think in an academic way. SAT includes verbal and quantitative (Math) sections, so apart from training a good deal to comprehend the language, you have to practice tons of mathematical problems and tasks.

I tutor non-native speakers of English to get a decent score at SAT.

The maximum score at the test now is 1600 – and that should be your objective! Believe in yourself and your tutor, and success will be yours.

I help clients to boost both verbal and mathematical skills important at SAT.

As a rule, students experience issues with the verbal part rather than the quantitative one which is not surprising since Math can be practiced even on one’s own, independently, while the level of English for a high score at SAT really must be proficient. That is why during our online SAT preparation sessions we focus on various aspects of both practical and theoretical English.

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