TOEFL online preparation

TOEFL stands for “Test of English as a Foreign Language”.

It comprises four sections – Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing.

TOEFL, though being an international test, is more “american” than IELTS, its brother and competitor.

Typically, the questions in both the Reading and the Speaking sections of TOEFL cover academic subjects and situations of campus interactions.

I possess a large experience of online tutoring aimed at TOEFL score improvement and development of various skills essential to your TOEFL success.

One of the crucial prerequisites for your nice performance at the test is your general knowledge of English. The higher your English level, the easier it is for you to comprehend written and spoken language and to make proper inferences. That is why at our online sessions we pay enough attention to your specific skills and to your general English as well.

Most of my students have their scores improved by 20 to 40 points at TOEFL.

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