Duolingo English Test – New Section Been Added!

Hi everyone, a couple words about a new section that has recently been added to Duolingo English Test – I have heard about it a lot of times, but the certainty of your encountering this new section began absolute just several weeks ago. So, let us welcome the new Reading Section (Complete Sentences Multiple Choice).

This section resembles some IELTS tasks of inserting words into sentences. We all know about the omnificent Duolingo Reading Task where you have to fill in the gaps in the words with letters – now in this new task you have to complete a sentence with one od several words offered to you from a list (dropdown list).

If you wish to get a glimpse at this new section, you are welcome to visit and pass Duolingo Practice Test at Duolingo official website. You have 8 minutes to complete it, and for those of you who have at least intermediate level of English, there will be nothing too frightening. Still, if you have only commenced upon your way of mastering English, this task may pose certain challenge.

Firstly, you have to guess several words in several sentences. Then, on the next screen, you are shown the complete text with CORRECT words and asked to answer the enxt question – to place an appropriate sentence logically into the gap between two sentences. The next task is selecting the main idea of the excerpt from those offered…

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