PTE – Pearson Test of English – Image Description – What is it?

Hi everyone,

Pearson Test of English has got a very interesting task – Image Description. Usually the images are graphs and tables. You have 25 seconds to look at the image and conjure up a strategy to deal with it, and then you have to speak for 40 seconds.

PTE Image Description task sample

Something like this:))

So, how can we understand this task better? One good way is to compare it to IELTS Academic Writing 1! If you have ever prepared for IELTS Academic, this task along with its images and language will pose nothing new for you…

The main difference between IELTS Writing 1 and PTE Speaking Image Description is obviously the fact that at PTE you should speak, not write. This gives us certain freedom as to the choice of words and collocations. I have heard samples of this task at official PTE YouTube channel – to my surprise, even the guys who mumble something not very fathomable into the microphone with tens of “well, actually, basically, uhm…” – they get a high score! It is so good for us – in IELTS, we should avoid any spoken language as well as the redundant language – only limit ourselves with academic formal phrases. So, here, at PTE, you have freedom! You are welcome to combine academic phrases such as “a dramatic increase has taken place” with spoken “actually/I think…”. It adds to your confidence and deliberates you from all those strict limitations of IELTS Academic Writing.

If you do not know anything about IELTS Writing, just remember that at Pearson Test of English, Image Description task, you should speak about the graph for 40 seconds. The language that you stick to depends upon your and your tutor’s vision of this task. Some students don’t like academic language at all; they will sooner say “it goes down” instead of “it plummets”. In my opinion, the ideal scenario is the combination of academic phrases with intermittent spoken elements – this simple approach will yield you a very high score, I am sure…

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