Duolingo Speaking: Should I Speak For the Whole Time Or Less?

Hi guys, in this small article I want to advise you a couple of things regarding your speaking sections at DET (Duolingo English Test) – a lot of candidates cannot define their time strategy for speaking – they think that speaking for the whole time span is too much, while speaking for 20 seconds is way too little… Let me shed some light on this dilemma…

Duolingo team does not state explicitly how many seconds you should speak at each question of Duolingo Speaking. However, they ALWAYS say that in order to disclose the richness of your spoken style, you should provide a sufficient number of utterances for the algorithm and a grader to assess your ability to speak. In other words, they encourage you to SPEAK MORE! So, I AM SURE THERE IS NO RISK IN SPEAKING FOR THE ENTIRE TIME OF YOUR SECTION – IT WILL BRING NUMEROUS BENEFITS! On the other hand, if you speak for only half the time of the section, you will almost certainly diminish your band because you do not show any desire to speak and do not provide enough sentences to grade your performance.

So, I highly recommend that you speak all the time of your section. In Duolingo Test we have four speaking questions: image description (90 seconds), first spoken question (90 seconds), second speaking question (Listen and speak – 90 seconds) and the final speaking question (Speaking Interview – 3 minutes) – please try to keep talking all those 90 seconds or 3 minutes – and you will not regret it!

Based upon the above-mentioned figures, it is easy to guess that it is most challenging to speak for 3 minutes – and I agree with you on that! However, this last question (which is by the way not graded numerically) provides us with a unique opportunity to get into the habit of talking a lot! If you work out the habit of speaking for 3 minutes – then it is sooo easy for you to answer within 90 seconds! Just think of that – everything is conceived in comparison!

Thus, my friends, I advise you to speak for the whole time frame of your answer. At my tutoring sessions I always help my students to master the skill of talking abundantly – it is much fun and yields you a nice band for your overall Duolingo Test score!

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Feel good!)

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