If Your Required English Test Has Been Changed – Is It That Bad?

Hi everyone, just want to share some experience of tutoring guys to Duolingo English Test, for instance, and then learning from them that the college has changed its requirements and asks candidates politely to submit the certificate of IELTS… Usually, the student is much depressed, especially if he/she has not prepared to another test yet. So, I want to sooth your pain)) and calm you down because believe me as a tutor with over 20 years of experience: your increased ability in main English skills, such as Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking, being facilitated for one test, will inevitably work for another as well. And I have witnessed this several times!

I think we both understand that English words and sentences are more or less the same everywhere. Yes, the style, pronunciation, speed of delivery, accent, peculiarities of questions vary from test to test, but speaking globally, you just have to read, listen, understand the message and answer the questions. Then you usually have to write an essay or two, and speak on certain topics. No matter how you slice it, you just HAVE TO BE OPERATING YOUR ENGLISH INTENSIVELY FOR SOME TIME, AND ALSO USE THE POWER OF YOUR INTELLECT TO SOLVE VARIOUS SEMANTIC PUZZLES.

And that is it. So, if you have spent last half a year working with a DET tutor, and today you have learned that in 2 weeks you must pass IELTS or TOEFL – rest assured that everything is going to be fine, you just have to embrace and comprehend the quirks and features of TOEFL – your experienced tutor will assist you in that! We have accomplished that with my students, and they have been pleasantly surprised with the results.

OK, friends, if you are looking for an experienced English tutor who will help you get a high band at Duolingo, IELTS, TOEFL, SAT – I am your man!) Please read the testimonials of some of my students on this site – you will see that I can really help…

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