How To Treat Grammar While Preparing For Duolingo, IELTS, TOEFL?

Hi dear friend, just two-three words about working on your English grammar while getting ready for English tests. The question of GRAMMAR has intimidated candidates for ages, and most of students conceive of grammar as of something inalienable from the process of mastering English. They are so accustomed to revering English grammar that they cannot think beyond that mind frame.

The reality and truth are, however (at least based upon my own experience) that your English grammar is never tested directly – you do not have to tell any theory about verb tenses or prepositional phrases. You can say that your grammar is assessed indirectly in your essays, speaking and so on – and I concur with you on this point. Still, just think about this: if your grammar is checked “peripherally’ – why then not study it peripherally?

And how can we develop our English grammar in an indirect method? – Right, by reading a lot of high level literature, listening to high level conversations and trying to emulate the style of those educated native speakers! Remember, my friend: when you practice a skill indirectly, in 99% of cases you will get a more beneficial outcome then when you cram something literally. I have witnessed this phenomenon too many a time to be able to disregard it.

If you are limited in time for Duolingo test, IELTS, TOEFL, SAT preparation – don’t squander precious time doing pointless grammar exercises. Instead, focus on practice – preferably, do the more real tasks from the Duolingo Test, for instance, the better.

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