How Long Does It take To Raise Your Score At Duolingo Test By 20 Points?

Hi everyone, quite often my students ask about how long it will take them (better say, us:) to increase the student’s score at Duolingo English Test by 20 points! I will share now some of my experience on this matter…

You should understand that 20 points at DET is like about 1 point at IELTS! Or even a bit more… You know, what is the average standart of time to raise your score at IELTS by 1.0 point? – About 1 YEAR! Yes, i am serious! Of course, exceptions happen due to the enormous diversity of students’ and tutors’ skills and motivations. But the avarage speaks for itself.

In my career we have raised the score at Duolingo test by 20 points EVEN IN 2 WEEKS! yes, this is my record and achievement)) Also, quite often we improved by 20 points in 1 month, sometimes in 1.5 and 2 months.

So, if you really need to score better by 20 points at DET – remember that in theory it is possible to accomplish this in 2-3 weeks. But it is an extremely teall order! And it will cost you, since I charge for such ultra-intensive lessons about 250 USD per lesson. Such mental feat requires great intellectual and spiritual effort on my part, so it MUST cost money. On the other hand, we should realize that if a candidate has enough finance to study at college for several years, which is going to cost overall 50-100K USD, he or she must fiind 1-2K USD for his talented English tutor – anyway, this is my vision and concept of Linguistic Coaching.

With an ordinary English tutor you will most likely spend about 3 months to 1 year raising your score at DET by 20 points. At least, some of my students told me about this frustrating experience.

OK, friends, please remember that an urgent raise in your score at  English tests such as Duolingo, IELTS, TOEFL, SAT may become some of the most arduous mental journeys that you and your Linguistic Coach will ever take in life. But it is not out of the question! Just feel and know that you can attain it, and go for it – and miracles will surely happen!

Drop me a line at WhatsApp or Viber: +380674985818 and tell about your situation with Duolingo English Test, IELTS, TOEFL – I will surely recommend somethinf decent to you! My regular lesson (about 90 minutes) costs 125 USD, and believe me, it is worth every cent and much more. It makes sense to invest 300-1000 USD into your future and start pursuing your degree at college, than to economize and miss half a year or a year of your life, improving your English…

Feel good!)

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