SAT test – how to prepare?

SAT test is very specific compared to other major English tests since it is in the first turn not a test of English! Your English must be very developed by default. SAT is a test of your so called Scholastic Ability meaning your capability of processing large amount of data within limited spans of time. Another feature of SAT is that it does not have a Speaking section. So, for SAT you may forget about your Spoken English)) Also, very seldom do universities ask you to write the essay at SAT – probably, in 1 case out of 30. So, we can suppose that you do not have to write an essay. Thus, we are left with a very challenging Section called Verbal Section. Of course, you also have Math at SAT, but for now let us leave it to Math tutors.

So, given that you have to process those 5 texts and answer intricate questions to them, it makes perfect sense to train and develop your reading to the highest degree! Especially if you are getting ready to SAT on your own, without a professional tutor.

Read and analyze as many difficult English texts as you can. You have to enlarge your passive English vocabulary by several thousand words! Then you will not be distracted by incomprehension of collocations, you will focus entirely on the semantics of those texts.

OK, if you search for an experienced English tutor who can really help you prepare for SAT, especially if you are a non-native speaker – welcome to my online lessons! I help students get a high score at SAT, Duolingo, IELTS, TOEFL on a regular basis.

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