How Much Does A Professional Duolingo/IELTS/TOEFL Tutor Cost?

Hi everyone, probably you are looking for a good English tutor who can really assist you in preparation for various tests – IELTS, SAT, TOEFL and so forth… Sometimes I am sincerely astonished with the weird level of self-esteem exercised by thousands of tutors – whales of them charge 10-15 USD for a lesson online (sometimes the lesson lasts for over 1.5 hours!)

You know, I have been monitoring the market for professional English tutors for years, so I know perfectly how much a real linguistic Coach costs… I could easily understand the low level of required compensation for teachers from India or China, but when an experienced English tutor from Canada asks for 10 bucks for an hour – in my view, this is difficult to embrace…

We all know how much it is today to study at prestigious colleges all over the world. So, the candidates who have often hundreds of thousands of dollars for 3-4 years of pursuing the degree, spend about 100-150 dollars overall for 10 lessons with a Tutor upon whom their whole hope of enrollment rests! Doesn’t it seem idiotic?

However, candidates are not to blame. The majority of them like economizing and cutting corners, so when tutors bestow them with such an opportunity – why should they waste the chance? Thus, I am convinced that tutors themselves are to blame for such an attitude…

Recently one of my students told me that she visited a beauty salon in Canada and had her hair colored and dyed. The procedure cost about 200 dollars and lasted for 2 hours. Can you believe that – a 1.5 hour lesson with a linguistic coach of the highest proficiency costs 15 dollars, while a haircut is about 200! Isn’t is ridiculous?

On the other hand, there are tutors who respect themselves and charge somewhere 100-500 USD per hour of their invaluable help. And I completely support their attitude! It is fair and just to pay normal money to a Linguistic Coach upon whom your whole career hinges at the moment…

Let us try to learn to respect the intricate job of Tutors and Coaches. They are the most complicated jobs in the world – if you think otherwise, try to help someone to pass Duolingo Test or SAT in one month when he/she does not give a darn as to how to do this, and the level of English is way too low to attempt the test… I have done that multiple times, so I know what I am talking about.

OK, wish you success at DET, IELTS, TOEFL, SAT! If you need a high qualified tutor who works wonders with your English – welcome to my online coaching sessions! I will help you pass all the tests successfully)


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