Speaking At Duolingo, IELTS, TOEFL – The Importance Of Transition Elements!

When you answer a question at the Speaking section at almost any test of English, you want to make your answer attractive to the examiner/algorithm, so that you get a higher score. Often, candidates are so excited that they forget about the naturalness of their speech. They shoot separate sentences, but fail to connect them in a harmonious manner. And how do we blend our oral utterances in everyday life when we talk about something with enthusiasm? Very correct: we use transition/linking phrases between any two given sentences. Something like “And I almost forgot to point out that…” or “And you know, one more interesting thing about this seems that…” – these transition elements make your story more coherent. They indicate to the listener that you are talking voluntarily, not as at a military cross questionnaire. So, remember to use such linking/transition elements almost before each sentence. Sure, do not overdo it!)) From time to time start a new sentence right from the main thought, the fact, without any redundant element.

One more great utility of these fillers is that they save you a lot of time which you would have otherwise to fill with factual talk… Sometimes you may really feel depleted in your facts, so in order to avoid a pause in speaking you have to stuff something into this gap! And again, these transitional elements come in handy…

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