I am going to record a complete video-course for Duolingo preparation.

It seems interesting to me that there are no really efficient DET (Duolingo English Test) video courses on the Internet. Yes, there are several video courses created by a popular YouTube English teacher (I will not cite his name because it is impolite) – but some of my students complain that having purchased the course, they still weren’t able to raise the score at Duolingo test. So, at the moment (and in the nearest observable future) this field looks empty and pleading to be saturated with efficient video products. Thus, I have decided to fill this gap and record my own DET preparation video course.

I like shooting such courses in my usual simple format – screencast sessions of about 30 minutes long, like my videos on my YouTube channel “Duolingo-IELTS-TOEFL-SAT-Tutor-Online”. If you have seen some of my lessons there, you instantaneously get the idea of the format of the lessons in this impending video course.

The exact number of lessons I cannot sound to you right now; I think there will be somewhere between 40 and 50 video lessons. We will cover all sections and tasks in DET in detail basing our work solely on REAL tasks from past Duolingo tests. I have an opportunity to get those authentic tasks, unlike some other authors on the Internet who take effort of creating such tasks themselves which looks noble but does not provide a candidate with the real picture of the atmosphere and quirks of DET.

OK, I know that this endeavor is going to take a couple of months from me, but I feel enthralled with the prospect of creating some really helpful product that will definitely boost your result at Duolingo test. I will let everybody know about the release of the video course here on this web-site, and also on my YouTube channel as well.

Feel good and get what you deserve at DET!:)

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