A new Task Is Going To Be Added To DET!

Hello everyone, just want to tell you that we should expect the emergence of  a completely new type of a task to our beloved Duolingo English Test. I think you have all noticed the presence of this new task in the practice test – Duolingo guys are probing it for quite a while, so I am sure in the meantime it is going to be added to the real test.

In this new task, you interact with a virtual interlocutor and select the most appropriate responses to his/her utterances. To me personally there seems to be nothing extremely arduous in this task. Sure enough, often we can easily confuse our phrases not because of our poor English, but because of simple imperfection of Duolingo’s logic – sometimes I really cannot select between two sentences since they both look proper.

Yes, you can say that this is a typical scenario for all English tests of a serious level – and I agree with you. And yet, DET is not GMAT or GRE, so honestly sometimes they make this task too ambiguous.

You are welcome to pass a lot of those practice Duolingo tests to get accustomed to this type of a new task. It can present itself to you at the real Duolingo any day, so you better be ready for such a novelty, so that you do not loose those precious points on simple friendly tasks)) – better input your whole potential into the most creative tasks such as Duolingo Writing Essays and Duolingo Photo description.

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