Radically new Duolingo English Test from May 1st 2023!

Hi, just want to tell you that based upon our preparation with my students to DET from the first of May, it is possible to say that Duolingo has changed dramatically!) Of course, not to such a degree that you will not recognize it; just insofar as those new sections are concerned… However, now I see hat for most candidates the main issue has turned out to be Interactive Listening! Why is it so?

You see, even the writing Summary of the audio conversation in this new Interactive Listening is a challenge – mainly for its dynamic character… I would place this Summary on the second place in its difficulty level after Photo Written Description – but unlike photos, this task requires you to embrace the essence of the conversation, i.e. to work out inferences upon what has been heard. Given 75 seconds, it is not so easy. I think the majority of candidates have already born the grudge of this splendid innovation…)) What concerns those multiple choices – can you believe there are usually SIX options to pick up from?)) It is really generous on Duolingo part to bestow us with such an abundant set)

While old good Duolingo Listen and Select called for no special intellect at all – you just know the word, or it is alien to you, no use making intense guessing which has mostly proven wrong, – the new Interactive Listening engages all your mental capacities. Thus, it seems worthwhile to prepare thoroughly, of course a highly qualified English tutor for DET preparation being the boon in such a case… I love those alterations to English tests, they refresh the feeling of the test and infuse new breath into the process… Still, for most candidates it becomes a struggle to adapt to changes and squeeze their ends out of the test. I help them attain this; as practice shows, we succeed in most cases.

OK, friends, if you feel you have alreadu depleted all your resources and ideas for DET preparation and still cannot achieve the goal – welcome to my online tutoring sessions! My lesson costs from 125 USD, and I really give you the value for your money – just give it a go, and you will see for yourself… Drop me a line at WhatsApp, Viber: +380674985818 and tell about your problems with Duolingo test. I ask you to first realize that my lessons cost money, and write afterwards… Anyway, wish you luck and success!

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